Tips To Help You Complete Your Form ADV Part 2

1. It is complicated and time consuming – don’t wait until next year to start. The SEC is asking for additional information in the new Form ADV that was not required in the old ADV Part II.

2. Perfect your writing in "plain English" - or seek help from a professional copywriter. It is not easy to explain your Trade Allocation Policy in a narrative format.

3. Make your ADV Part 2 attractive to your current and prospective clients…you have to share it with them. Plan to have your marketing staff review your narrative brochure.

4. Do not forget your Brochure Supplements – you are required to have one for each supervised person.

5. You will need more than a template. A template will only get you so far in this conversion process.

The ACN Form ADV APP™ takes a manager from start to finish.

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